MIT Argis 

MIT Argus

The iconic Argus building has been transformed into a private college for Melbourne Institute of Technology.  This unique 7 level, state-of-the-art college, consists of a heating and chilled water plant with fan coil units located throughout the building.  The BMS also controls the existing condenser water system that supplies water to the ground floor tenancies done during a previous contract.  This project was undertaken on a "design and construct" platform with Electcon successfully delivering the project to the client's requirements and timeframe.


Marysville Vibe

Marysville spa






Marysville Vibe

After the devastating Black Saturday fires of 2009, the town of Marysville needed to be rebuilt.  At the heart of this rebuild is the 107 bed Marysville Vibe Conference Centre and Hotel.  The centre will provide the township with cafes, restaurants, bars and a hotel.  The once devastated township will again become one of Yarra Valley's sought after tourist destinations. 

The project has a Fujitsu VRV system monitored via BACnet HLI, multiple air change PAC units.  It will also provide the client with the latest energy consumption figures via zone specific water, electrical and gas metering.






GTV 9 Redevelopment

The once illustrious home to Channel 9 in Melbourne, now becomes a 'Green Star' living apartment complex.  There are 6 small rise apartment complexes sitting on top of a two storey car park, thus CO monitoring is crucial.  Over 40 CO sensors control 6 roof mounted fans over multiple floors.  This in itself caused issues with fire control.  Electcon was able to provide the developer, Lend Lease, with a solution to enable the building to pass local fire codes.  The BMS front end also supplies the client with up to date energy consumption reports for buildings and plant.





Botanicca Building 8

This seven storey 'Green Star' designed office building on Melbourne CBD's outer fringe provides the most up to date comfort control, energy management system around. The building consists of chilled water and heating hot water systems with roof mounted air handling units supplying air to the floors. Each floor contains multiple variable air volume (VAV) boxes that provide the client with fantastic individual comforts whilst successfully maintaining the 'Green Star' idealism. The BMS front end provides the client with real time data of all electrical consumption on each floor via BACnet HLI meters as well as allowing interfacing to the mechanical system.

 Agilent - project 




Agilent Technologies

A high-end client needs a high-end solution, thus the Reliable Controls Mach system was the only one that would fit the client's needs. Requiring 24 hour operation and some delicate needs, the client was astounded by the ease of control and operation of the system, whilst providing infinite degrees of control. The new building saw the installation of a chilled water and heating hot water system, with multiple fan coil units (FCU's) and VAV boxes supplied. The biggest issue was the control of pressure between work zones. Multiple VSD controlled fans and VAV boxes intrinsically linked to pressure sensors provided the ultimate solution.






Single LEAP

When the Australian Defence Force needs to accommodate its employees, it requires a lot of beds. The new Single LEAP project in Victoria provided over 300 new beds across its Puckapunyal and Simpson Barracks bases. The new project consisted of multiple buildings comprising of between 3 to 16 bedrooms of ecofriendly living. The bedrooms are controlled via Mitsubishi standalone air conditioning units, interfaced to the local door and key switches. The AC system is monitored via BACnet HLI to enable all alarms to be sent via email within seconds of the fault. The ADF demands energy efficiency everywhere, with the monitoring of gas, power and water in every building compulsory. The BMS front end is located in the concierge's office and provides the client with the most up to date monitoring system going around.

 Sunday Apt_project 




Sunday Apartments

This mutli-storey living complex has one of the cities safest and controlled fire protection systems invented. When you control where the smoke goes in a fire you save lives, hence the client had no issue in engaging Electcon to provide a Reliable Controls Mach System. Once completed, the state-of-the-art Lobby Pressurization System provided the client with the ultimate smoke control system via fire rated smoke dampers, fire rated pressure sensors and multiple directional fans. The BMS front end located in the fire control room, provides the client and fire personnel the latest information during an emergency.





Lifestyle Working

A place where people and business can flourish is the adeptly named mantra for this NABERS rated multi-storey office development in the heart of the Melbourne Docklands District. Ecofriendly and energy efficient were a must in the design and construction of this 5 level building. A Toshiba VRF system was installed with over 200 fan coils and 70 condensers. A BACnet backbone network was installed for the client to monitor and control all of the AC system, lighting system, lift panels, solar panels and power consumption. Five different contractors supplied different BACnet equipment, with our dedicated team overseeing the integration, conformance and commissioning of all the equipment.